What if the ride will be the experience?

The landscape passes by, you can smell and hear it.
A conversation is deepened, the wind blows over the skin, the water splashes softly and underlines the moment.

Pure recreation!

No emissions, only the noise of the water.
All the comforts of a weekend excursion on board.

The way is the goal.




Clear design

Zero emission


Q-Yachts from Helsinki, Finland, is a pioneer in the industry: style-conscious, efficient and sustainable.
The design brief for Jarkko Jämsén, from the design office Naviadesign, was to develop a 9 m day cruiser, which  is

  • consistently designed for electric drive,
  • causes the lowest noise emissions,
  • optimises the demand for travel energy,
  • is easy to handle and
  • is designed for day and weekend tours.

The journey and stay should be as pleasant and relaxed as possible.

The journey is the destination.

The Q30 electric motor yacht combines the requirements perfectly.

Lightweight on the road.
Q30 and Tesla.

The design is so clear and yet full of sophistication.






9,3 m
2,2 m
0,6 m
1.600 kg

Drive & Energy

AXC20 electric motor with 20kW continuous power
30/60 kWH Lithium Battery Pack

Speed & Autonomy

9 kn
42/80 nm (30/60 kWH)
15 kn
22/40 nm (30/60 KWH)

What does a Daycruiser need?




The standard equipment includes everything for comfort on board and easy handling such as

  • Fresh and waste water system
  • Cushions inside and outside
  • Indoor/outdoor LED lighting
  • Fridge
  • iPad operation
  • Bow thruster
  • Cockpit decking teak (FSC)

Spacious sun lounger

Operation, Info & Navigation by iPad



Individualisation & Options

Choose from the options to customise the Q30 to your liking and make it your electric motor yacht.


is your local dealer and contact for the e-motorboats of Q-Yachts Oy / Finland in West Germany.

Q-Yachts has been on the market as a manufacturer of electric boats since 2016. The production takes place in Finland and the distribution is worldwide. We are happy to answer your questions and configure your requirements.
Or we can organise a test drive and you can see for yourself right away!
Don't hesitate to contact us.
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