About us

BeautifulBoats' vision is to be an exclusive supplier of boats with design, style and sustainable mobility on the water. Individuality, uniqueness, innovation - for BeautifulBoats this does not only apply to the preservation and sale of maritime classics and veteran motor boats with which we already inspire people.

We also set ourselves the challenge of looking ahead on the water with resource-saving and emission-free electro-mobility. That is why you will find the electric motor boats / yachts from Q-Yachts from Finland, which have been consistently developed for e-drive, and for which we as a dealer take over the sales and support for Western Germany. Furthermore, we realise and supervise restoration projects and take over the sale of the maritme classics. This is our mission to preserve the style and sophistication of past decades.
  • 2020 until today

    Start "BeautifulBoats e.motion" & Agent for Q-Yachts for Western Germany
  • 2019 until today

    Start "Beautifulboats", maritime Classics and Boatmanagement
  • 1999 - 2019

    Sales, Produtctmanagement & Marketing
  • 1994 - 1999

    Design and construction of ships in Kiel and Hamburg/GER
  • 1990 - 1994

    University of Applied Sciences in Bremen/GER; degree in Naval Architecture

Motivation and background



How it all starts ...

My enthusiasm for water sports was born in my cradle. Even as a baby, my parents took me out on the water and I was blissfully sleeping in the hammock in the front of our boat. Over the years I developed a passion for everything to do with water and boats. After graduating as a shipbuilding engineer (FH), I followed my vocation and worked at shipyards and design offices in Northern Germany. This was followed by several years in sales and marketing in the industrial sector. Although I expanded my experience in sales and marketing. But I also lost sight of my passion for ships and boats. "You have to change something in your life", I told myself. So it came about that with time the desire grew to put my passion for boats back into the centre of my work. Just, when is the right time for this?

A magical encounter with consequences ...

As life goes, I came across a maritime old-timer in a harbour in Stockholm on a trip to Sweden, and its owner Olle, a charismatic and open-minded 80-year-old Swede who radiated aplomb and composure. With his open nature and smiling blue eyes I liked him immediately. Olle was looking for a worthy successor for his well-kept and cherished boat classic "Tuttan", a C.G. Pettersson Riss, which was built in Sweden in 1937. I had already fallen in love with this maritime classic during the joint test trip over the Stockholm archipelago. The shimmering wood surface, the warm colours, the smell of the wood.... that was a boat with soul, I noticed it immediately.

The lucky charm ...

So I was all the more pleased that Olle, despite several interested parties, gave his "Tuttan" - together with a good luck charm, a small carved and hand-painted wooden horse - into my hands. It was supposed to bring us luck. "I will take good care of the Pettersson," I promised when we loaded them onto the trailer and took them from the beautiful harbour towards Germany.

live your dream !

Already on the trip to Germany, and later in the Media Harbour in Düsseldorf, I noticed how "Tuttan" captivated many boat enthusiasts. When my brother-in-law surprised me with a homepage "BeautifulBoats" developed by himself, this was another event and the decision was made. I didn't want to give up my Tuttan, but I could imagine that I could help others interested in a maritime classic with patina with the help of my experience, contacts and professional knowledge.

Design meets conscience ...

The classics and their engines are worth preserving, no question. But more and more people are thinking of switching from loud and smoking engines to modern and fail-safe electrical ones. This is where the idea came up to offer and realise conversions of the classics.
By sounding out the current market I came across a company from Helsinki, whose concept inspired me. Consistent design for e-drive, efficient lines, no "as fast as possible", but "The way is the goal".
BeautifulBoats.e.motion is the result.

Q-Yachts Oy is an industry pioneer: style-conscious, efficient, consistent and sustainable.

We are the shipyard's contact for West Germany.